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Remember, supporting LGBTQ artists and their work is not only a celebration of their talents but also a commitment to equality and acceptance for all.

There are many LGBTQ artists across various fields, including music, visual arts, literature, theater, and more. Here are a few notable LGBTQ artists:

1. Frida Kahlo –

A Mexican painter known for her vibrant self-portraits. She explored themes of gender, identity, and sexuality in her work.

LGBTQ artists

2. Keith Haring

An American artist and social activist known for his graffiti-inspired art, often addressing social issues including LGBTQ rights and HIV/AIDS awareness.


3. Audre Lorde –

An African American writer, feminist, and civil rights activist known for her poetry and essays exploring issues of race, gender, and sexuality.


4. David Hockney –

A British painter, printmaker, and stage designer known for his vibrant depictions of California life and exploration of homosexual themes in his work.

LGBTQ artists  

5. Sylvia Rivera

An American transgender activist and drag queen known for her advocacy for LGBTQ rights, particularly for transgender and homeless youth.


6. Elton John –

A British musician and composer known for his contributions to pop music and his activism for LGBTQ rights.

LGBTQ artists                       

7. Jean-Michel Basquiat-

An American artist known for his graffiti-inspired paintings exploring themes of race, identity, and social commentary.

LGBTQ artists  LGBTQ artists    LGBTQ artists

8. Marsha P. Johnson –

An African American transgender activist and drag queen who played a pivotal role in the Stonewall riots of 1969 and was a prominent figure in the LGBTQ rights movement.


9. Tegan and Sara – Canadian indie pop musicians and twin sisters known for their music exploring LGBTQ themes and relationships.


10. Rupert Everett –

A British actor, writer, and director known for his roles in films such as “My Best Friend’s Wedding” and for his openness about his sexuality in the entertainment industry.

LGBTQ artists

These are just a few examples, and there are many more LGBTQ artists who have made significant contributions to various artistic disciplines.

LGBTQ Artist in India –

India also has a vibrant LGBTQ community that includes artists across various disciplines.

Here are some notable LGBTQ artists from India:

1. Sushant Divgikar –

Also known as Rani Ko-He-Nur, Sushant is a drag performer, singer, and LGBTQ rights activist.

He gained widespread recognition after participating in reality TV shows like “Bigg Boss” and “India’s Got Talent.”

LGBTQ artists       LGBTQ artists

2. Mona Ambegaonkar –

An actress and LGBTQ activist, Mona has been vocal about LGBTQ rights in India and has worked in films, television, and theater.

She is known for her advocacy work as well as her performances.

3. Durga Gawde-

A non-binary multidisciplinary artist based in Mumbai, Durga works across various mediums including sculpture, performance, and installation art.

Their work often explores themes of gender, identity, and sexuality.

LGBTQ artists                LGBTQ artists

4. Gautam Rode – An actor known for his work in Indian television and film, Gautam Rode publicly came out as gay in 2020.

He has been supportive of LGBTQ rights and has spoken about the challenges faced by LGBTQ individuals in India.

LGBTQ artists

5.Riyas Komu-

A contemporary artist known for his politically charged artwork, Riyas Komu’s work often addresses social issues including LGBTQ rights and discrimination.

He co-founded the Kochi-Muziris Biennale, one of the largest contemporary art festivals in India.

6. Navtej Singh Johar –

Navtej Singh Johar, a Bharatanatyam dancer and choreographer, is recognized for his pioneering work in Indian classical dance as an openly homosexual artist.

He was also a petitioner in the landmark case that resulted in homosexuality being decriminalized in India in 2018.


These artists represent just a fraction of the diverse and talented LGBTQ community in India.

Their work not only contributes to the arts but also serves as a means of advocacy and representation for LGBTQ rights in the country.

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